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More Modern Blog December 14, 2014

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Hi everyone,

Sorry that I haven’t posted anything new this week but I have been changing my blog to be much more modern and easy to read. You will soon be able to see it by logging in just the same to and I hope you will all find it better for access and visibility on all devices.


DIETS for Health and weight loss December 2, 2014

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Some of these may be new to you but they all have something in common – they eliminate grains.

  • PALEO DIET – A modern nutritional approach sometimes called the Stone Age diet or Caveman diet. The diet advocates eating a diet with plenty of unprocessed, meat and fish, non starchy vegetables and fruit and avoiding dairy products, grains, legumes, processed oils and refined sugar. Most people that try this diet feel much healthier in a short space of time, lose weight, have more energy and previously ill health and chronic aches and pains frequently disappear. The original premise of the Paleo diet was that we should return to the way we would have eaten in the Palaeolithic era but now most health and nutrition experts use the diet as a base for people who need to omit grains and dairy for health reasons and avoid sugar, processed foods and carbohydrates to loose weight and prevent chronic disease. this then becomes their own “Personalised Paleo diet” and they may be able to add in grains like rice and alternatives to wheat, rye and barley that have zero or less gluten. If you stick to a strict Paleo diet you will lose a lot of weight relatively easily and there is an endless supply of ideas, information and recipes on the internet. Whenever you leave out whole food groups you need to make sure that you get all the nutrients you need and with this regime you need to have healthy fats: coconut oil, fish oil, flaxseed oil, olive oil but avoid trans-fats and too much Omega 6 fats. You also need to get enough vitamin B complex daily from red meat, organ meat, sunflower seeds, dried seaweed, liver pate, fresh oily fish, canned sardines, scallops and prawns.
  • The PALEO KETOGENIC DIET– if you follow the full Paleo diet with no carbohydrates then it is a ketogenic diet which means that the body has to rely on fat for energy as opposed to a carb.-heavy western diet where the main source of energy is glucose, as carbs. are broken down into sugars whether they are grains, flours, sugar or alcohol. A Ketogenic diet will make you lose weight because it is easy for the body to burn the fat stored in the body when glucose is not so readily available. It can also heal some of the longer-term damage that has been brought on by the western diet as in insulin resistance. Appetite is also suppressed due to regulation of blood sugar levels. It has also been found beneficial for some neurological disorders like Epilepsy, Parkinson’s Disease and Alzheimers. Type 1 diabetics should monitor their insulin levels carefully and be monitored by their Doctor. It may not be good for anyone that does high intensity training or workouts as they will quickly exhaust the glycogen stored in their muscle tissue and become fatigued. They would need to match their exercise with additional sources of carbs. like sweet potato, banana, nuts or almond butter.
  • The MEDITERRANEAN KETOGENIC DIET- consists of a higher proportion of fish as the main protein, olive oil and plenty of non-starchy vegetables plus a glass of red wine daily. This diet is very high in healthy fats and high in micronutrients with the antioxidant effect of the Resveratrol in red wine. In studies blood pressure improved, as did blood sugar and cholesterol levels. The Mediterranean diet is already high in magnesium but it would be even more necessary to take enough Vitamin B complex, probably as a supplement, to help avoid heart problems.
  • The PALEO AUTOIMMUNE PROTOCOL – works on the the assumption that certain foods that can have an inflammatory effect in addition to the foods already eliminated (breads, potatoes, beans and dairy) should be eliminated if you have conditions like Rheumatoid Arthritis. These are tomatoes, Aubergine (egg plant) peppers, chillies and the spices derived from them, nuts, seeds and eggs and they should be eliminated for about a month. If you have seen some improvement you should continue and then test each food, one at a time to see if any are triggers. This is not an easy process and I strongly recommend that you do it slowly and keep a food diary. Zinc, Vitamin D and the other supplements recommended above would be advisable due to the restrictive diet.
  • THE FODMAP DIET – This a diet that originated in Australia for treating Irritable Bowel Syndrome. The diet eliminates fermentable carbohydrates such as Apples, pears, peaches, mango, sugar-snap peas, watermelon, tinned fruit, milk, ice cream, yogurt,and cheese, Brussel sprouts, cabbage, onions, cereals, legumes, avocado, cauliflower, mushrooms and all artificial sweeteners, to name just a few. Although this diet has been found to eliminate some of the symptoms of IBS in about 70% of people, it is highly restrictive and anyone with IBS should be looking at the possibilities of Dysbiosis, Candida, and leaky gut  and treating it accordingly. See previous Posts.
  • SCD Diet –  the Specific carbohydrate diet designed to fix a Leaky gut and Candida infections. The diet eliminates sugars, starches and  grains to starve out any yeast overgrowth. Good supplements like multivitamin, high amounts of Vitamin D and essential fish oils plus a Probiotic and Digestive enzymes like bromelain and papain to help digestion and calm inflammation.

All these diets have something in common and that is that they eliminate foods that are toxic and inflammatory in our bodies and that cause us problems with digestion and health.

  1. Cereal grains
  2. sugar
  3. Omega-6 processed seed oils (corn, safflower, soya bean etc.)
  4. Processed soy products, milk, protein and flour.

So my advise is whether you have chronic disease or not – leave these out and introduce plenty of oily fish, fish, non-starchy vegetables and fruits, good quality meats, Olive oil and some fermented foods and a good Probiotic. Add in some starchy vegetables like potatoes, parsnips, carrots and occasional bananas, dates, figs and Brown Basmati rice when you can tolerate them and also to stabilise your weight when you have lost what you needed to. Avoid substituting “Free From” foods and Gluten free foods as much as possible because for every ingredient they take out they seem to add in 10! If you would like some alcohol then it is best to have dry wine or cider and to avoid grain spirits and mixers but beware that alcohol tolerance usually decreases when you are on a Ketogenic diet.

Other Ketogenic diets for weight loss rather than health are The Atkins Diet and the Dukan Diet and the same supplement recommendations apply to those.


What I Learned From Interviewing 39 Experts in Autoimmunity

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What I Learned From Interviewing 39 Experts in Autoimmunity.

Amy Myers gives this summary of the Autoimmune Summit – well worth reading for anyone who didn’t get to hear all the information.


GcMaf – A breakthrough in Cancer and disease Treatment November 23, 2014

GcMaf is the abbreviation for “Gc-protein-derived macrophage activating factor”. It is found naturally in the body but there is now a way of administering it as a replacement therapy when the body’s defences aren’t doing enough. Macrophages are the white cells that go in like ‘Pac man’ and engulf and digest foreign substances, microbes and cancer cells in a process called phagocytosis.

Interestingly it is completely in line with all the nutritional guidelines that have been developing for the treatment of Autoimmune Diseases that I have been writing about in Millenniumhealth blog. Diseases know to be affected by GcMaf are Cancer, Kidney disease, AIDS, Autism, Thyroid Disease, Diabetes, Multiple Sclerosis, Lyme Disease, Colitis, Crohn’s Disease, Fibromyalgia, Cirrhosis of Liver, wound healing, Osteoporosis, Dementia, Parkinson’s , Rheumatoid Arthritis, and other autoimmune diseases.

The treatment regime is called “The Swiss Protocol” and involves-

  • Total body ultrasound to establish the extent of the disease followed by an individual treatment plan.
  • High protein, low carbohydrate, ant-inflammatory and detoxing diet – so essentially a Paleo-ketogenic diet 
  • Amino acid supplements in the case of cancer and Autism
  • Bravo Probiotic Yogurt and suppositories that have over 40 strains of friendly probiotic bacteria  and these produce the enzymes needed to activate GcMaf.
  • GOleic -which is a combination of GcMaf, Oleic Acid a monosaturated (Omega-9) fatty acid and vitamin D. This can be administered in a variety of ways:- injection, drops under the tongue, enemas, suppositories, nebuliser (spray), ointment and mouthwash.
The Company producing GOleic is called Immuno Biotec (Guernsey) and they also sell Bravo Probiotic yogurt.
For more information go to
More than 60 peer reviewed research papers have been produced by 154 scientists who have trialled
it on a range of different diseases. There are approximately 300 doctors following the protocol and there are some amazing stories of recovery (even from stage 4 cancers) as well as some considerable improvement in patients with Autism. Some people do not respond to the protocol but then they may have already received treatment like chemotherapy and radiation and their detoxifying capability and nutritional status may be compromised. It is relatively early days but all this sounds extremely promising and clinical trials are ongoing.

HEAL YOURSELF November 18, 2014

Whether you have a diagnosed chronic disease or just a lot of irritating symptoms that impact on your quality of life – take action now and know that there is so much you can do to HEAL YOURSELF.

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STRESS – Poor work/relaxation ratio, poor sleep quality, high work stress, money worries, personal stress, relationships, caring for elderly/sick relatives, Bereavement, Divorce, conflict……….

TOXINS – in food, air, water, personal care products, cleaning products, smoke, air fresheners, insecticides, plastics (like BPA, isocyanates in polyurethanes and foams), Heavy metals, Formaldehyde, fire retardants just to name a few.

INFLAMMATION – chronic inflammation such as IBS, Colitis, Joint pain, skin problems, infections, indigestion, inflammation of blood vessels, nerves, organs.

INADEQUATE DIET – with not enough nutrients to facilitate a normal immune system, detoxification and healing.

MEDICATIONS – Prescription drugs given longterm to treat many of the above but that have side effects that can add to the disease process. NSAID’S (anti-inflammatory drugs), Antibiotics, Antacids (from indigestion medicine to Proton pump inhibitors like Omeprazole and Lansoprazole), Diurectics, Blood pressure medications, and Statins.

TAKE ACTION and realise that FOOD is your first and best medicine.

  • DIET – follow the guidelines in this blog. Start with a CLEANSE for at least 2 weeks and then add in nuts, eggs and  some starches according to your own reactions. The goal is to find the most nutritionally high, personal diet that works best for you. Don’t concentrate on what you are leaving out but on improving the level of nutrition while removing triggers of inflammation.
  • INFLAMMATION – HEAL YOUR GUT. Even if you don’t have gut or digestive tract symptoms this is the place where you have to improve function and start to heal your immune system. Include plenty of healing anti-inflammatory foods and oils that contain Omega-9 fatty acids (Olive Oil, Canola, grape-seed oil and sunflower oils, many nuts and seeds, avocados, poultry)and Omega-3 fatty acids (flaxseed, Canola, walnuts, and fatty fish such as Herring, mackerel, salmon, sardines, tuna and trout).
  • As digestive problems are the most common that impact your life and lead to chronic disease and long-term drug use I highly recommend you read how to take control of your symptoms from this article by Dr. Chris Kresser.
  • images (1)olive oil
  •  GET RID OF ANY HIDDEN INFECTIONS – there are plenty of natural anti-microbial products out there  and these are some that can counteract bacteria, viruses and yeasts. Tea tree oil, Olive leaf, Oregano, cinnamon oil, garlic, Black Walnut, Cloves, Barberry Root (Berberis), Oregon Grape root, Goldenseal, Wormwood, grapefruit seed extract, Probiotics, lime juice and honey.
  • REDUCE TOXIC LOAD / Exposure – from chemicals, smoke, insecticides, toiletries, make up, cleaning products, air fresheners and plastics.
  • TAKE SUPPLEMENTS – to ensure that the body has everything it needs to heal. Vitamin A and Vitamin D3, Vitamin C, Vitamin B Complex, Probiotics (especially Saccharomyces Boulardii, L-Glutamine, Omega 3 (EPA and DHA fatty acids) and Omega 9 oils. Depending on the severity of your illness you may also need extra help with detoxification with supplements like Organic sulphur(MSM), Alpha Lipoic Acid, N Acetyl Cysteine (NAC) that help the production of Glutathione, Chlorella and Milk Thistle. If digestion is poor – Digestive enzymes.
  • CORRECT ANY HORMONAL IMBALANCES – specific to symptoms – Thyroid, Adrenals, Thymus and Pancreas.
  • STRESS – last but not least make sure you get to relax at some point every day, try to manage stress, guilt, negative feelings and move towards contentment and happiness in whatever way you can.

These are general recommendations but if you are taking other medications, have bleeding from your digestive tract, are pregnant or breastfeeding you should get advice from your Pharmacist or Doctor.


Autoimmune Summit Update November 17, 2014

You probably saw my recommendations to attend The Autoimmune Summit last week. If you attended, you were one of more than 80,000 people who learned how to naturally prevent and reverse autoimmune diseases and what a brilliant summit has been.

38 experts in the fields of Functional Medicine, nutrition and autoimmune diseases explained how leaky gut, genetics and environmental triggers, such as toxins, food sensitivities, infections and stress, all play a part in the development of autoimmune diseases.

If you tuned in, I certainly hope you feel empowered about regaining your health with the 40+ hours of educational content presented.

If you are just hearing about it and the summit is now over you may well want to buy Dr Amy Myers new book that comes out soon.


Thank you for helping to reverse and prevent autoimmunity!
Amy Myers, MD

Touch As Nutrition by John Tuite November 14, 2014

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Touch As Nutrition by John Tuite.


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